Welcome to My Minnesota Garden! (formerly Sweet Domesticity)  Here you will find practical + creative home gardening ideasto Grow Your Garden, make Garden to Table recipes, and Preserve the Harvest, as well as lots of garden photography.


The Gardener Behind My Minnesota Garden

profileMy Minnesota Garden is the work of Maria Slavik.  I am a thirty-something self-professed garden nerd, amateur photographer, wannabe suburban homesteader, and avid salsa-maker.  I love every season in my garden: from sketching out dreams for next year’s garden and watching tender seedlings emerge, to waiting for the first tomato to ripen and preserving the harvest to share with family and friends.  I love learning and I like to take on my life and garden (both the successes and failures) with a sense of adventure!


About My Garden

I garden primarily in raised bed gardens in our suburban zone 4b backyard.  Though most of my efforts are focused on edible gardening,  I have an increasing interest in growing native and pollinator-friendly flowers as well.   In the past I have also supplemented the space limitations of my home gardens with a community garden plot.  My garden is always transforming, so stick around to see what happens next!


Linking, Photo Use, + Reproduction

I am always honored when readers and fellow bloggers find my work worthy of sharing.  When you do so, please provide proper credit and a link back to my work.

The use of photography on this site is only permitted with prior written consent.

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