My Minnesota Garden started in 2010 as Sweet Domesticity.  Focused on practical and creative home gardening, the content you will find here generally falls into one or more of the following categories:

Grow Your Garden

From garden planning to harvesting and everything in between, these posts have you covered with gardening information, inspiration, and how-to.  As life-long student, I strive to present solid, reliable information balanced with personal anecdotes and experiences from my own garden.  I have written extensively on seed starting and all things rhubarb (the true beacon of spring in the North Star State!).  Some of my personal favorite posts are about seed saving and sharing about my latest creative garden project, such as building upcycled garden trellises, installing deep watering for tomato plants, and creating a Three Sisters planting in small space raised bed.

Garden to Table

Occasionally I share a favorite or interesting recipe that features the garden harvest.  I certainly do not consider myself a food blogger, and I have a lot to learn about food photography (in the early days of the blog, I wouldn’t even attempt to photograph these recipes), but over the years I have grown to be more comfortable with my less than perfect skill level in this area in order to do justice to an important aspect of edible gardening.  Consequently, the recipes you will find here are very accessible, no mater your skill level in the kitchen.  From rhubarb creamsicles and spinach pesto flatbread in the spring, to late-season garden bruchetta and zucchini humus, I enjoy sharing how I am actually using my garden harvest at any given time. I also dedicate an entire week every fall to my love of salsa!

Preserving the Harvest

Like many edible gardeners, I take time every garden season to preserve some of my garden harvest to enjoy throughout the year.  From canning jams and apricot habanero jelly, to making quick dill pickles in the fridge, you’ll find a variety of more traditional preservation posts, as well as some methods that are still traditional, but perhaps a little more trendy these days, like lacto-fermented salsa.  I also like to think outside the mason jar with posts on preserving ground pepper, dry beans, kale, and even the occasional garden-infused cocktail!

Garden Photography

One of my favorite things to do is take my camera out to the garden to photograph anything and everything that catches my attention.  I set a personal goal to take at least one garden-related photo a day (it’s not unusual for me to take several hundred images a month) and my favorite photos are shared here on the blog and on Instagram (taged #garden365).  The images on the blog are taken with a variety of cameras: a Cannon point and shoot, a Nikon DSLR, and even my iphone on occasion.  I am a big believer that it’s not what you shoot with as much as how you compose your images that makes a good photographer – a topic that I covered in Garden Photography 101, a three-part series of guest posts on Minnesota Locavore in 2014.


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