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I usually think of February as a kinder, gentler version of January.  It’s usually still cold and snowy, but with fewer days, a little more daylight, and some warmer days in the mix, it generally goes by pretty quickly and by the time it’s over, spring is just about within reach.

This year February brought a little snow and cold, but I think I can count the number of times that I wore my winter coat and boots on one hand. I’m also pretty sure that outside of going to the gym, I haven’t worn socks more than once or twice since returning from vacation.  This was definitely not a typical Minnesota February and it flew by even faster than usual.

I am late getting this post up because I have spent most of the last two weeks chasing a technical issue with the redirects from the old domain to the new domain.  No matter how many ways or times that we set them up, they have been reverting back to the old blog.  Every call to my hosting company ends with a new set of instructions that “should fix it,” but the problem has persisted.  Fingers crossed, we seem to have finally found a workaround.  It is not my ideal solution (especially if you are landing here from a link from the old domain), but it is far better than where we were last week.  If you are encountering broken links or missing images, know that we are on it; it is just taking some time to go through all 560-some posts to clean things up.

Ugh.  Let’s talk about gardening instead!

February may have been a quick month, but I still managed to packed a lot of garden-related stuff into its 28 days.  Here is a quick recap of my #garden365 for February:

From continued garden planning to the first seeds sown under the lights, the garden is starting to shape! I am going back and forth on a couple of construction options for the new raised beds, but I have started to price out materials and have settled on a layout (I have a couple posts in the works that will go into more of the details in the coming weeks).

I also started artichokes, peppers, eggplant (a first for me), and all of my brassicas: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, romanesco, kale, and cabbage.

february yarrow

With the warmer weather, we also spent more time outdoors.  We’ve been feeding the birds and keeping an eye out for signs of spring.  I have been surprised at the number of plants that either overwintered or are already starting to grow again and I love that our little gardener in training has a natural curiosity when it comes to plants.  She has quickly picked up on how to dig around in the leaves at the base of a perrenial to see if anything is coming up yet.

home and garden show

And finally, we rounded out the end of the month with a visit to the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show.  Browsing seed racks (and saving on shipping!), obsessing over pretty tulip displays, and checking out ideas for garden sheds is never a bad way to spend a winter day in Minnesota.

What happened in your garden in February?

February in My Minnesota Garden
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