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I usually feel like January is the longest month of the year.  The days are still short and dark, it is often bitterly cold, and it can be one of our snowiest months as well.  But this year, January hasn’t felt that bad.

An extended January thaw and a little escape to Mexico certainly helped, as did keeping busy with a long list of tasks related to the blog re-brand, but perhaps the largest change in my feelings about January has happened as a result of developing a greater appreciation for what January has to offer–even to a gardener!

Far from a time of absence of gardening, I have come to appreciate January as a critical time in preparing for the upcoming garden season.   As I like to say, when the garden is sleeping, the gardener is dreaming–a sentiment that is easy to see in my January #garden365 on Instagram:

And as you can see, I filled my January up with all kinds of garden-related activities: perusing shiny new seed catalogs, making time to catch up on reading, cleaning out my seed-stash, enjoying the winter garden landscape, cleaning saved seed, infusing dried herbs in oils and vinegars, cooking with the preserved harvest, and discovering new sources of garden inspiration.

And garden planning!  So much garden planning!

garden design in snow

This month I was happy to immerse myself in the art of garden planning.  Planning a new raised bed garden from scratch has been both time consuming and challenging (in a good way).  I am so excited to see all of my hard work pay off in the coming months as I move forward with this project.

And to balance out all of the work, I found some new ways to play in the winter garden, too:

snowman in the garden

Someday I will be ready for a little place on the beach in Mexico, where my winter garden will contain tomatoes and peppers, but for now, Minnesota–and yes, even January–is where my heart is.


All in all, it has been a productive month in my Minnesota garden!  What happened in your garden last month?



January in My Minnesota Garden
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